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we are

A crazy bunch

of software & design geeks

We mix art, design, science and some brainsauce to reimagine rea lity.


The heads that make it all work!

The Juggernaut

A machine packed inside a human body, a brilliant cook, and our definition of sheer hard-work. Ever get stuck somewhere? Just hit him up!

The Wild Card

Our hyper-energetic, overthinking, cloud geek. Always ready to ask weirdly interesting questions, never lets go of a chance to spice up our gatherings.

The Artist

Our very own artist who likes to read, write, do music & everything abnormal. His big picture thinking and eye for detail ensures everything stays in place.

The Night Owl

An enthusiast for books, movies, seasons and soccer. Don’t fall for his quiet and calm nature, his work on the front-end will blow you up!

El Professor

The craziest CEO ever. An amazing mentor and motivator, there hasn’t been a day we haven’t seen him excited for new crazy ideas.

The Silent Pioneer

The silent traveler of unchartered territories. In search of a new world; bigger, better and expansive. He’s the man behind everything!

The Hulk

An athlete-turned product designer; he likes to work, hangout, eat and sleep in a gym. A thorough extrovert; he’s quick to make friends out of users!

The Singham

He has the most quiet, fed-up look for a guy who enjoys it all. A brilliant photographer, with an interest for graphic design, spends his day working on the frontend!

The Heisenberg

He wears many hats, and never takes off any. Probably the most charged-up member in our team, he knows how to make people laugh (or to annoy them).

The Ninja

She can deceive you with her seemingly innocent looks. An amazingly mischievous geek, she never leaves a chance to code, while simultaneously shooting it out in the Counter Strike.

The Candyholic

Our very own candy-supplier, he always has a bag full of everything unhealthy to eat. From having a knack for product design and marketing to traveling, he loves to explore.

The Techie

The quietest and the most workaholic member on our team. He loves to code, code and code except when he's not doing it. That's when the party begins!

The Superwoman

Apparently shy at first, she loves to make friends. An inquisitive soul, she never lets go of a chance to try things!

The Subtle Humorist

Apparently quite and observing, he can surprise you with his subtle yet the funniest jokes. Always the one to come up with interesting questions and ideas!

Innovating at the edge of possible-impossible

Our innovation culture is anchored in agile/lean product development principles and design thinking, where every crafted software solution is meticulously designed to provide high-value user-centric design.